Porting, Legacy Support, Localisation, Compliance & Regulation

Whilst making new slots in HTML5, I have also been solely responsible for maintaining legacy fixes for the Ash Gaming back catalog of Flash slots and table games.

Some of the work involves working through the multitude of frameworks over the year, to fix live issues that only come to light many years after the original developers have left the company.

Other times, there may be new requirements for localisation when releasing games into new territories. And of course new regulations and compliance issues in new markets as and when they arise. Some of this work is very time intensive and requires extensive knowledge of how each game works, and how it fits together with the game flow.

I have also been responsible for porting various games on to various platforms over the years.


UK Pub Slots – AWPs (Amusement With Prize)

Before moving on to making slots, I spent a few years developing pub-style UK slots, also known as AWP’s (Amusement With Prize), or just fruit machines, for Microgaming. These typically have three reel bands, and extra reel, or in-reel features such as nudges, or holds.

Typically, there would be a bonus feature as part of the game, which was triggered from the reels game, with many different mechanics for winning.

Some were designed to look like land-based machines, and others had a more cartoon, fun theme, in keeping with the traditional pub-game style.


Online slot games

I have been working within the gambling industry since 2007, producing many feature-rich traditional slot games.

Due to the nature of the industry, and/or the changes in technology used, some of these are no longer available online, or are only available in paid or download casinos, but here are some links to the most recent games that are still online, utilising PixiJS, TypeScript, Spine, GSAP, etc.

Gold Digger Megaways

Sea of Riches

Gold Digger

Hot Spin Deluxe

Wild Ape

The Nutcracker



Over the years I have created many large-scale training and e-learning products. Some are geared towards fun and creative learning, and others were much more functional in style. There were many activity and game types across the different titles, and included activities such as

  • Drag & Drop words into sentences
  • Drag & Drop sorting items into categories
  • Text entry activities
  • Drop Down text box activities
  • Mathematics activities with sum-checking
  • Changing clock faces to tell the correct answer time
  • Drawing lines to match questions and answers
  • Recording the users voice
  • Multiple choice quiz